A platform for secure external file sharing

Security and policies are always tied to the content, not the “container”
to protect free-roaming content anywhere. Any-to-any secure collaboration
across trust boundaries – no further reliance on “trusted” third parties.

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Platform for external sharing

A new model for digital asset protection & access

Trustworthy Cloud™ Platform enables a new content-oriented model for digital
asset sharing via client and service APIs. Data is protected by end-to-end encryption
“from cradle to grave” with patented technology for key federation and adjudication.

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Digital asset sharing

Full visibility and fine-grained control

IT has complete visibility into content to track and audit all activities via
secure audit logging and granular policy management at object, user, and
group levels. Although IT has visibility, it has no access to content.

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Full visibility & control
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Take Back Control of Your Content

As cloud-based file sharing services become ubiquitous, businesses are increasingly worried about losing control of their content. In addition to heightened concerns on privacy and confidentiality, inability to support compliance requirements keeps many IT executives up at night. AlephCloud's mission is to help you regain control of your content, no matter where it resides.

How to take back control? Our unique implementation enables multi-party secure communications without relying on any “trusted third party”. This drives business agility while ensuring that no cloud provider or system administrator can view your content.

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Trustworthy Cloud™

Our zero knowledge implementation eliminates the need for a trusted central party for data encryption and decryption or identity authentication and authorization. With patented key federation and key adjudication technologies, AlephCloud provides end-to-end content protection at the object level. This enables business to retain full access control of content "from cradle to grave," regardless of where it resides. Enterprise customers can choose either on-premise or cloud storage with confidence.

Secure Sharing Made Easy

Unlike other solutions, AlephCloud removes the complexity of security management—maintaining a familiar user experience. Drag-and-drop and double-click for document sharing make it easy for users to secure their documents without ever worrying about encryption, decryption, or key management. Users can also sync to their own mobile devices to access documents safely at home, while they're commuting, or wherever they want to work—increasing productivity and promoting collaboration.

Full Visibility

With AlephCloud services, business can track and audit the activities of users and content access. Compliance, even for content residing in the cloud, is enabled by built-in, tamper-proof event logs for non-repudiation. While IT has full visibility into all user and document activities, IT can never access the content itself. This reduces the company’s risk from litigation since content privacy is strongly protected and there are precise and indelible records of exactly who could have looked at any document.

Fine-Grained Control

Building a content sharing solution with AlephCloud allows you to protect and control free-roaming content outside traditional trust boundaries. Granular-policy management at the realm, group, and file level ensure IT control. Enterprise IdM integration means that customers can leverage existing identity management for authentication, authorization, and access control. The ability to revoke access in real-time reduces the anxiety and risk associated with sharing highly sensitive business data around the globe

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